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Jack•a•lope (ˈja-kə-ˌlōp)

A mythical animal that is observant, patient, and sits still and quiet as it listens to its inner voice for guidance


kre•a•tive (krē-ˈā-tiv)

Having the power to bring something new into being, or to evolve something original from one’s own thought or imagination, resulting from originality of thought, expression, and imagination

lure (ˈlu̇r)

To attract, entice, tempt or allure

Mountain Lake

the kreative lure

Jackalopes are social creatures in nature, They have their own personalities with some being excitable, others free thinkers, whimsical or engaged. They can quickly think on their feet at a moment's notice and make split second decisions when necessary. That is the essence of Jackalope, the kreative lure.  We are a Full-Service Creative Merchandise Agency with a human relationship approach and over 30 years of industry award-winning experience.  

We are here to help you stimulate your imagination. In this hyper-connected, multi-device saturated world, we want to help break through, reconnect, and become part of your creative process. We believe that each beginning starts with a conversation.

We are a female-owned, ecologically & sustainably minded company with expertise in Technology, Resort|Hospitality, Entertainment, Agriculture, Food & Beverage and Publishing Industries.

Fog and Nature

with the environment in mind

Sustainability and eco-friendly decisions are at the forefront of Jackalope the kreative lure. co-Founder kris robinson has been an eco-pioneer in the promotional products industry since 2004. He has worked with other industry professionals with like-minded motivations helping educate suppliers and other distributors; the goal, to make the industry a more sustainable and carbon neutral industry on all levels. Jackalope's commitment is to resource and offer product ideas from recycled and reusable materials, reducing the negative global impact of climate change. We want to help client's grow their brands responsibly.

Pink Sky

what it means to be a
woman-owned business

The day I decided to start my own creative agency was also the day it became a woman-owned business. I've spent my life as a collector and connector of women. I believe that we need to be the guidance that helps other women achieve their dreams, their aspirations, their goals. I have had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with women across all industries around the world, each creating their own magic whether it’s design, technology, print or manufacturing. Our partners vary based on our clients’ needs but often they involve relationships with a sustainable footprint, a small batch artisanal story or the ability to manufacture high quality and quantity merchandise. We work with Fortune 100 companies on creating BRAND experiences for their consumers. We are here to help enhance your story. If this allows us the ability to open more doors for other women who are on their own journey, then I am proud to have co-founded a woman-owned business.

-Kimberly Luxenberg, co-Founder | President
Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

Our Services

Promotional Product Strategy

At Jackalope Kreative, we help you create a promotional product strategy that aligns with your business goals. We work with you to develop a plan that includes product selection, design, and distribution.

Product Sourcing
& Manufacturing

We work with a network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that you receive high-quality products at competitive prices. Our team manages the entire process to ensure a seamless experience.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

We can help you create brand awareness campaigns that get your message in front of the right audience. We offer a variety of strategies, including social media advertising, email marketing, and more.

Event Marketing

Our team can help you plan and execute successful events that leave a lasting impression. 

Logistics and Fulfillment

Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. We can handle all aspects of logistics and fulfillment, including inventory management, warehousing, and shipping.

& More

With 30 years of industry experience, we are here to help you with your next promotional campaign


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